Planting and Thriving

You thrive because you are planted

You are not planted by the troubles

You are not planted by the trials

You are planted them that lives in Zion

You are planted by the Divine that loves more than lovers

You have been planted the Kings and Queens that love your essence, your being

and that's why you thrive in all of your glory.

It is great to be planted by the one that plants the seeds in your heart

The river that flows, the power of the triumph, the sound of the music

The one that plants your soul desires has planted you

So why do you think you won't thrive?

Why do you think you have less?

Why do you think you are alone?

When you are called by the Divine?

When the Divine is right next to you,

Right beside you

Right inside of you

Of course my dearest you will thrive forever

-Adeola Naomi 2018

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