My skin and culture are not an Halloween costume.

Healing, fixing and getting back to the roots of the crisis.
We try compulsively to make all the efforts to get things done, said, accounted for, and do them right.
Without thinking we immediately ask for more space and time to comprehend the symptoms and situation.
Time is relative we say, but relative to what? Do we need a specific amount of it or an eternity?
At this Halloween time, please take some time to consider your costumes.
Remember a race or a culture is not a costume and remember if you really do love a specific culture, you would take some time to know more about it and thus show your appreciation of it, you don't show your appreciation of a race/culture by painting your face or body black (see Blackface), Tribal paints ( see Native Americans) or white (see Geisha).
Cheers to a very happy and creative Halloween to everyone who is celebrating.
Please check out my YouTube video on how to not be that insensitive person.

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