On Beauty by Zadie Smith

This post is supposed to be about the awesome humorous and amazing Zadie Smith and her book ''On Beauty''. Since there is so much to say about her and I would rather you all go read everything she has ever or will ever write. I wrote my own essay that is inspired from her person and words that I have managed to soak into my brain so far.

Do you think we all have a singular tongue or multiple identity/tongue? This issue of single or multiple identities has been on my mind since my move to London last week.

London is a melting pot of art, culture, ethnicities, people and basically everything and anything.

Being a multilingual and multicultural individual, I would like to believe London is ''the place'' for me to be and also managed to keep my individuality but I have observed that I tend to ''adopt'' a very British attitude and accent that was foreign to me a week ago.

Zadie Smith's book ''On Beauty'' 

Explores those complex human emotions of belongingness, adaptability, love, lust, trust, infidelity, individuality, death, self-worth, self-disgust and so much more.
She is one of those writers that challenge the status quo and encourage their reader to question everything about who they are and what they aspire to be. If you have ever question your individuality in a society that constantly tries to fit us into certain boxes, I would suggest you read everything this unconventional British writer has ever written so far.
I am excited for her new book coming later this month but my favourite so far is ''Changing my mind'' a compilation of her various essays on reading, listening, seeing and being.
Have you read ''On beauty'' or any of Zadie Smith's book?
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