Your Self Care and Creativity is a Form of Resistance

In the words of the ever empowering Audre Lorde, I will start this post by saying ‘I am deliberate and I am afraid of nothing’
Disclaimer: I haven’t lost my faith entirely in people and I don’t want to be the party pooper here.
I am just openly saying what I personally think after observing major events happening around the globe, I see that you can’t always hold people accountable for their ignorance, lack of will to learn and sometimes their blatant idiocy.
If you are going to remain silent about your pain. they will march on you, kill you and claim that you pretty much enjoy it all.
I am not sitting my butt out and asking for help, I am not waiting around until you choose to see my humanity, I don’t want you to save me. 
I am simply sharing my experiences with openness and expect you to not sit and be an onlooker.
I am not alone though in my openness and I sit with those people to critic, to resist and to collectively heal.
I can’t afford to wait for your empathy, so I took my self-care and mental wellbeing as my own responsibility.
I chose to stay home, read Zadie Smith, smell some candles, gather myself for the struggle ahead.
I chose to watch ‘Hidden Figures’ and sleep without guilt and then yoga.
I want you to see for yourself that regardless of what we believe and where we live, my freedom is tied to yours even when we don’t agree.
I want us to have that uncomfortable conversation without dismissing each other and actually, learn from each other.
I want my pain acknowledged and respected.
I have massive respect for all the people who went out on Saturday but I also respect those who opt out.
I want those who went out to keep coming out and do more than that in the next days.
I want and hope their activism and resistance will now on be more inclusive and intersectional.
I want you reading this to tell me and others how you feel and understand that it is safe to do so here.
Taking care of you is not up for debate, retreat, organise, collect and act.
I leave you with the full transcript of Angela Davis Women’s March Speech.
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